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Tridex hybrid scanning and 3D visualization systems save time and allow government agencies to manage national resources and efficiently review options related to urban planning, historic preservation, public safety and transportation projects. Read More »

From a single building to a university campus to an entire municipal district, Tridex Intelligent Systems allow municipal managers, engineers and administrators to quickly visualize available assets as well as utilization data and repurposing options. Read More »

Tridex Intelligent Systems combine our comprehensive scanning technologies with industry-specific asset and project data to deliver extremely accurate resource maps, logistical planning tools and fully interactive as-built P&ID models. Read More »

Tridex Solutions – capturing precision data for a changing world

From economic initiatives in developing nations to green retrofitting a grade school in a major metropolitan area, Tridex hardware and software technologies enable engineers, architects and urban planners as well as global natural resource companies, municipalities and central governments to make the most informed development, construction and strategic planning decisions possible.

Tridex owns and operates the most advanced fixed and aerial LiDAR, multispectral, thermal and GPR scanning systems available. With a global reach and proven tools, Tridex Solutions will deliver the data you need to plan for the future.

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